Starting a Podcast!

New Art Coming Soon!

Hello, lovely readers! I apologize for my incredibly long hiatus. I’ve been so busy lately with training my puppy, working on other projects, job interviews, and taking care of my mental health, that I have severely neglected my blog. However, I do have some exciting news—I started a podcast! And it was easier than you might think.

Anchor is a free, super user-friendly way to record, edit, and distribute your very own show! You can even insert paid ads to get the most bang for your buck and eventually unlock lucrative sponsorships. I love how intuitive everything is, and I’m so excited to grow my show. Last week’s episode is all about getting through a quarter-life crisis, so if you’re young and confused like me go check it out!

Personally, I don’t care if I have 10 listeners or 100, but it’s super satisfying to sit down and chat about different topics with my friends audience. “Get Unbothered” is a show where I discuss my journey to get the most out of life by leveling up, letting go of the BS, and practicing a bit of self-care. I share what I wish I’d learned sooner and tackle topics like mental health, women’s issues, self-growth, and more. It’s very personal, and I strive to create an environment that feels authentic and inviting, like sitting down to chat with your best friend about life. In reality, it’s just me rambling about whatever is on my mind that day, much like this blog!

Going forward, my plan is to make the blog and podcast at least somewhat interconnected. Due to Covid-19, traveling is still off the table for now, but I promise to share more adventures in the future when it is safe! For now, I’m focused on all the learning and growth I can achieve from the comforts of my bedroom under a very fuzzy blanket. I hope you all will stay tuned for more updates!

You can listen to the show on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your shows! Also, check out the Instagram for regular updates and cute puppy pics!

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Hi, I'm just trying to adult while living abroad.

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